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You may recognize the background music in my site entitled, "Crazy". It is certainly appropriate for our current election charades. Today, August 29, 2008, two things happened that caused a turning point for me in this crazy political stuff going on, and I must share it with you, because I know there are others out there who share my feelings and opinions in this matter.

First, I want to state emphatically, that my heart still belongs to Hillary.


She was, and is, the best candidate for the Presidential Job in my opinion. She has been more gracious than I in conceding to Obama, as she is bound by the party, and as she had promised to do, to throw her support to the Democratic nominee.

I made no such promises, and I have no qualms about NOT supporting Obama. As previously stated, I do not believe that he actually won the primary election fair and square. But I've said all of that before... so on with my story of today's events.

As you know, today John McCain announced Governor Sarah Palen as his V.P. running mate. Well... that was great news to hear, and I believe a smart choice by McCain. I admit to not knowing much about her yet, but the smart move is sure to upset the apple cart for the Democrats. And after what the party did to Hillary, I am for upsetting them as much as possible.

However, what pushed me over the edge was what happened today at the service station. I had bought gas and went inside to make another purchase. I still have a Hillary lapel sticker on the side of my purse. It may very well be stuck there for eternity, or until that purse wears completely out. :-) Well... the lady at the cash register saw it and ask if I would now be voting for Obama. My, "NO" response left no doubt and a bit of a discussion ensued. I related to her how I had worked my heart out for Hillary, and that in my opinion, the election had been stolen from her. After all, she did win the popular vote. The lady had also voted for Hillary and was interested in my reactions to how it all turned out.

I then mentioned that John McCain had just announced a woman for his V.P. running mate. I had gotten that news in email before it hit the TV news. By this time, some other people had entered the store. Another lady joined in our comments about the woman Governor from Alaska. As customers were approaching the counter, our conversation had to end. But I left that gas station store knowing that the McCain-Palen ticket will get at least 3 women's votes from our spot on the globe.

The question about my Hillary sticker made me realize that now with Obama being the official Democratic nominee that I would have to do something to distinguish my support. The thought had already crossed my mind numerous times, but that incident brought it home to me that I could not let my support for Hillary be interpreted as automatically for Obama.

When I got home from my errands, a news cast was airing a speech by Governor Palen. To her enormous credit, the lady took the time to point out and praise Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton for punching away at that "glass ceiling", but my story does not end there....

Tonight I made my first visit to the John McCain web site, and ordered some campaign material. And no, Hillary's is not disappearing, rather McCain's will be added. :-) Ironically, what I was planning to do was already captured in this image

Hillary Supporters - Citizens for McCain

on his site, so I know I am not the only one in this political boat. Quite a few of Hillary's 18 million voters will likely be joining this parade, as we do not take lightly being told that we must toe the line. This is AMERICA! And I like John McCain's statement of "Country First". For too long, there has been too much emphasize on Party, rather than We The People of America. It really is time to change that.

McCain-Palen - Country First Header

I make no bones about John McCain being my second choice, but considering the option, I believe he will be the best of the two to lead our Nation. As for him being "more of the same Bush politics", I do believe that John McCain is his own person, and is certainly better equipped and qualified to run our Country than Obama.

And on an aside note... Obama kept preaching "Change... no more of the Old Politics". And who did he choose for a running mate? Joe Biden, who is part and parcel, his whole adult life, of the Old Politics and the Washington Insiders. Well... to Obama's credit, Biden was a good choice, although he didn't exactly wow many voters in his own bid for the job. He is neither my reason for or against of my not voting for Obama. His presence on the ticket simply does not over-come Obama heading the ticket. Frankly, I'm not even sure that Hillary being second on the ticket would get my vote. In that respect, I am glad she wasn't selected. She deserves much better than the continued insulting treatment from her party. I hope McCain wins and appoints her to a very high-level and responsible position -- like perhaps heading up a Health Care Program for Americans. She has done all of her home-work and knows the ins and outs of it all better than anyone else. She and McCain are also somewhat on the same page regarding the economy. McCain would do well to listen to her ideas and solutions.

Well... that is the latest from my corner... Thanks for your time. I hope you will join me in electing a President who puts our Country First before Party.

God Bless...

Doris UnLeashed
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