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To the USA Presidential Candidates, and Others To Whom "We The People" May Concern,

As a tax paying citizen of this great country, I am requesting your support of HR 25 and Senate bill 1493:the FairTax. *(Exceptions noted for consideration. Please read the actual bill to know the difference.) Go to: Follow links from here:

The tax system has become a monster and over-burdensome for the majority of Americans. The wealthy have their tax deductions. The poor have government aid. The tax burden falls to middle income Americans to carry the load for the trillions of dollars that Congress can so freely spend, give away, and have the audacity to ask for more from us. We are the working or retired citizens who do not have an open-end funnel into our bank accounts and pockets. We must live on what we have, or as in most cases, end up in such horrific debt that we see little hope of ever being debt free. Our budgets are limited while the government still wants more.

Meanwhile, I have seen information that reports that the Government not only demands money from us, but that the Government does in fact have an even greater sum of funds coming in from its own investments. Funds sufficient enough to render the American public's tax dollars unnecessary, and in fact, funds great enough to even return a dividend to every American. That is quite distrubing news as millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet while paying into a system that can think of gillions of ways to spend it or give it away.

I was recently into the IRS site looking for some information, which I never found. But I was struck by something else. I challenge each of you to go take a look at the cumbersome mess that is now the IRS. Or pick up your 1040 tax booklet that came in the mail, which by the way, is just the basic highlights. There are volumes more that we have to ask for if needed. Have YOU ever done your own taxes? Do you really understand the scope of every little tidbit of income that the Government is trying to make sure is covered in taxes? How many people hours did it take to try to come up with every conceivable method by which one might try to earn a dime so that it can be taxed? How long has it been since the system adjusted minimum income figures to the economy and costs of living?

The whole system has become rediculous. There is nothing fair about it for the average working or retired citizen. Again, the wealthy have their tax deductions. The poor have their welfare. The rest of us keep this Nation going by sacrificing our dollars to pay taxes which are poorly handled and influenced by special interest lobbiests as the Nation goes deeper into debt. Yet, in spite of the billions you collect from us, the public contribution is only a small portion of the Government's real income, of which IT does not have to pay taxes on, but keeps it growing for what purpose? A rainy day? How about helping out the citizens with their rainy days?

YOU can help put sanity back into our economy by eliminating the income tax completely. I submit that if the report is true about the Government's own wealth and income, you really could keep running our Country without our dollars. However, to "share that wealth" would not fit your concept of what Government is about. Regardless of the validity of that scenario, *I propose that a fairer tax would be based on a 10% capped consumption tax rate. Even God does not ask for more than 10%. We citizens would then at least have the option of how and where to spend our dollars and our dollars would flow into the economy.

The fair tax proposal would be a healthy new direction for America and Americans. I urge you to take a serious look at the financial load you condone weighting down the average middle income American, while you enjoy the tax benefits of the wealthy class.

I realize such a drastic action will not be popular with heads of and employees of IRS, of the many tax attorneys and tax preparers, and all others who feed off of the tax system. Many jobs and benefits are at stake. Yeah... it's their pockets or ours. Ours are getting pretty frayed. How about shifting the load? How about even considering re-training for all of those people who would lose jobs when you allow us to keep and manage our own money. I'd go for that as a trade-out. Think of the barrage of paper work eliminated across America. Think of all of the nitpicking dimes you're afraid you're going to miss taxing - that waitress's tips that help to feed her kids. Think of the poor school boy who will still mow a lawn and then has to pay taxes on whatever over $600 - a figure that's been around for decades and doesn't fit with today's economy. Give the People back their money and let them decide how to spend it. You will still get tax dollars to run our wealthy government. But you will lift a burden of oppression off our backs and make Americans happy to do their jobs knowing they have more dollars to take home. They will learn to do discretionary spending, but most of all, many of us will be rid of - as in FREE - of the IRS tax nightmare which is especially burdensome to the self-employed, small entrepreneur, small business segment.

The taxes would be shifted into the arena of the merchants who would add it to all appropriate items sold. *Technology provides the means for the taxes to go straight to the US Treasury via electronic means with each sale, even the cash sales, so that the merchants are free of having to deal with it. However, even without that feature, using the Texas State Sales Tax structure, the reporting of the sales tax is still a much simpler report. As a holder of a sales tax certificate, I can vouch for the fact that the form is quiet simple. The form simply ask for Total Sales, Total Taxable Sales, less personal use items. The tax is payable on the "taxable" sales. I pay it on time, I get a discount. I pay it late, I pay a penalty. That's it. The whole enchillada.

I see merchants competing more aggressively for the new dollars that would flow through their cash registers. First, the consumers will have more dollars in their paychecks. Second, the merchants would get a discount for paying those tax dollars on time. Although, I still contend that technology could be implemented that would send those dollars straight to the Treasury on a daily bases for most merchants and retailers. The US Treasury would receive those dollars instantly, every day, every sale. No waiting for tax returns, quarterly payments, late payments, filing deadlines. Even an idiot could see the benefits of this long over-due change in our system and how we support our many services of our government, a number of which could probably be phased out, or updated. Put those dollars into revenue producing activities, rather than non-revenue producing government jobs.

As for corporations, they would be free of doing the "taxes 2-step" trying to keep from paying taxes on their own corporate incomes. They could turn those dollars into their employees paychecks and in turn the dollars would flow freely into the economy as more people have more dollars to spend. True, they will lose it at the cash register, but very few people give a lot of thought to the added sales tax on a ticket at the cash register, as long as it is correct.

*I would object to a tax rate higher than 10%, and advocate that the citizens should have a vote on the rates we pay. As it is, we have no say in what we are required to pay, except to vote for someone who promises us to lower taxes, to reform taxes, etc., etc.... I'm still waiting to see any real difference in our bottom tax line, as I'm too poor to have the tax cuts of the rich, and too rich to get welfare, and I don't have 3.2 kids.

*Instead of a rebate structure, I propose zero tax on basic necessities such as grocery store purchased food - not restaurant foods - and all medicine and medical care. A graduated scale up to the cap on other necessities such as clothing, housing, and vehicles, with an exemption set up to x dollars. Texas already has a pretty good working model through our state sales tax on what is exempt and what isn't. And on one weekend a year prior to school starting, we have "tax free weekend" where clothes, shoes, and certain other items are exempt up to a specified amount. Example of concept; not necessarily the actual Texas formula: If I buy a $100 dress, I pay no tax. If I buy a $500 dress, I pay tax on $400. I do not know the specifics, but they have proven quite popular for the state of Texas. The idea is that parents can outfit their children for school and save tax dollars during this special weekend.

Likewise, exempt the first $100,000 or so of the purchase price of a home, with a graduated scale over that. The same type of formula with vehicles, with incentives of lower rates on American made vehicles, as well as other American made goods. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medicine, utilities, are among life's basic necessities for functioning in our society. Those should be exempt up to a reasonable amount and then placed on a graduating scale. The item itself would dictate the tax added to it. For instance, I buy a $100,000 house, I pay no taxes. If the price goes over that, then I pay accordingly. I believe a capped rate of 2% to 5% on housing would be more fair and would encourage home buying.

While I would support the bill HR 25 as I understand it, I'd prefer to get the government out of it. Think of the people hours still needed on government payrolls to issue those "rebate" checks to the millions of Americans every month. As for any potential "loop-holes" for special interests groups - close them.

I am MRS. CONSUMER. Regarding the "monthly rebate", I do not agree with the "experts" from universities or wherever or the concept of taxing me on the premise of giving it back is in my best interest. I live in the "real world" out here. I also submit that miscellaneous fees by any other name not be added to this new fair tax system. Keep it simple. Just look at your phone bill, or any other communications services, if you wonder what I'm talking about. A $26.95 bill easily translates to over $40 per month. Those "poor people" may very well already be paying a 23% tax, but just because the fairtax won't raise that, it doesn't lower it either at the cash register. Don't perpetuate dependency on the government with "free" rebate checks, for "free" money is exactly how that will end up being perceived and classified by the public. And don't perpetuate "having more kids" so they can collect more money. And if you think that idea is a joke, go check with your nearest welfare office and Child Protection agencies. Look at your own IRS web site about "Child Sharing" schemes. Desperation and greed lead to weird schemes. Give the tax break up front and restore pride to even the lowliest of wage earners. Believe me, knowing they now have ALL of the dollars they earned to spend or save as they choose, will make them much happier and more responsible citizens. And people who need additional help, should still get that help, and without the current barrage of red-tape and waiting for the system to determine if they qualify.

I do not object to supporting my Country. I just object to the way in which I'm required to do it. I object to the tax filings where even simple small business ventures turn into tax nightmares of wading through forms and publications to try to be sure every little detail is done correctly. I object that the complication of it creates a headache for me and many hours to figure it out, and I object that the next option is to pay someone else to do it for me. I should not have to pay someone else to delve into my private business and tell me how much I owe in taxes. And expecially since they are not always correct with their figures and interuptions of the system either. Fair Tax would elimate all of that and much, much more. No reporting of my income, which should be my private business, between myself and my employer, or broker, or nobody if I'm self-employed. No tax fraud. No tax evasion. No "opting out of the system" - by the way, why do you think they do it? No April 15th deadline - "Hallelujah!"

Just as I pay a sales tax with all purchases now that are taxable items, those same items would cost a little more, but I'd be free of the paper work, free of trying to figure out how to do a capital gains tax and finally come out the loser at tax time because I'm not a big time participant. I'd be free of seeing the few dollars I might earn part-time or in a small business venture disappear almost dollar for dollar when the bottom line of the tax form is finished because my few dollars raised us to another tax level. I'd be free of the marriage penalty where two people really do count as one when it comes to allowable deductions is almost literally. The two people for sure do not get the same deduction per person as two single people get. I'd be free of worrying about how to pay it on retirement income - income based on the economy nearly 20 years ago - income that does not get a raise. Oh, excuse me, social security does give a nice little raise every year in January. I believe it came to about $6 for me after the Medicare payment increase took care of it, and my private insurance took care of the rest of it, and more, because Medicare reduced the amount they pay, my insurance must pick up the difference. Consequently, the private insurers adjust their rates to compensate and pass that "difference" on to me, and their other policy holders.

Come on. I challenge you to take a close look into "our" world. Who will be the one who will take this Giant Step for America, for Americans? Will it be YOU? Do what you implore us to do - Stand Up and Be Counted - Be Counted as SomeOne Who CARES about WE THE PEOPLE. The people who support this Great United States of America!

You think about that as you snuggle into your pillow tonight and all of the nights coming up as you try to entice us to vote for YOU as opposed to one of the Others. Did not our Forefathers leave England because of the tax structure? Suppose you think about this long and hard? The Government will still get it's money from us, but in a more fair and less burdensome way. And if it doesn't get enough, since God is being removed from everything anyway, you can always implement a sin tax and start a National Lottery. We poor slobs can't resist reaching for a dream of being wealthy, of being debt free, of not worrying about paying for that next prescription, of how to pay to get our teeth fixed, and making sure our health coverage is paid before food. Oh, yeah... that would work. So you think about it. You think about the desperation across this Country and ask yourself if YOU will be the One to make this Difference?

Hmm... I wonder WHO will get MY vote this November???

Doris Newnam
A Pearl Harbor Survivor's Wife.
Yeah... hes' one of those "notch babies" - the ones who put their lives on the line for Our Country and then had their SS benefits reduced because of being born in the wrong years..1917-1926. Years that Congress was well aware of when they did that number. Shame. Shame. Remember that little item the next time you look a WWII Veteran in the eyes. Ironically, they haven't complained loudly enough. They figured it wouldn't do any good anyway. They don't want to fight anymore - not even with Congress. And they figure you're just waiting for them to die off - and most have - so the issue will go away on it's own and doesn't have to be dealt with. Congress is afraid of having to "repay" them. Oh, it's just too bad that their lives were worth so little while they gave so much - like FREEDOM.

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Let there be Peace on Earth
In Our Hearts.

Doris Newnam
Woodway, TX 76712
Doris for FairTax

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Mr. and Mrs/Miss America, make your voices heard on this issue. Even if you don't agree with me or the FairTax proposal. Now is the time to speak up. To read about this issue, go to: Then e-mail these people, plus all of your friends:

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Tom Wright
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