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The email message reproduced below is being forwarded around on the Internet and came to me from a friend.

Due to the really pathetic excuse of an Immigration Bill. that a few of our so called Representatives in Washington have been trying to impose upon Our Nation, I take this opportunity to add my 2 cents with a copy of this email. Whoever created this, I believe, certainly was more in tune to the heartbeat and feelings of the general population of America than the people we all pay to handle Our Country's business and issues for all of us.

We hear the comments about giving Illegal Immigrants a Path to Citizenship. Excuse me? I believe that Path was created many years ago, along with the other Rules that "We The People" must live by. The sad truth is that, like numerous other critical issues, Congress and the Governing Entities failed to address the problem at it's beginning. And then to add to the complexities of what they have allowed to happen, they have failed to enforce the laws they have already passed. And now we are suppose to fork over billions of dollars more to pay for their short-comings? Do we believe for a nano second that these billions now proposed as a "quick fix" are ever going to be paid back in the manner proposed? Youuu... whooo! Mr. President and Congress. We the People have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

I am proud to say that we Americans are a very generous society as a whole. We always stand ready to help others, regardless of what country or nationality, in a crisis. But we are sick and tired of having our hard-to-come-by dollars thrown around carelessly, needlessly, and irresponsibly, while many of our own citizens struggle to keep pace with the ever rising costs of just living. It is time that you come down from your Ivory and Well-Kept Towers and listen to the people in the Real World.

The bottom line is, we already have Immigration Rules, enforce those and we just might listen to what else you have to say.

As Americans, we all recognize that we, or our ancestors, immigrated here from all parts of the World. We are proud that we are "The Land of the Free", and a "Land of Choice". But to quote an old cliche', "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander." Simply apply and enforce the same rules that Americans are required to live by to anyone else wanting to live in Our Country. And you can start with the very unpopular idea of penalizing employers who hire the illegals. Fine the employers, jail the repeat offenders, and shut down the paychecks, free services, and benefits to the illegals. And for those you miss, take a hefty fee from money being sent to Mexico. If the Mexican Government can take a profit off of the top of money going into Mexico, why can't we take a profit off of the top of money going across our borders into Mexico to help offset the enormous drain the illegals have on our economy. With the millions of illegals living in this country, I dare say the revenues generated from that kind of "tax" would be considerable. But who among our Elected Officials have the audacity to even propose such thing? They certainly are not timid in proposing taxes or fees on the rest of us to pay for whatever strikes their fancy.

As for learning English, I support helping them LEARN IT, rather than catering to them. I have no problem with multiple languages, speak whatever you wish in your own homes, and non-business environments, but if they are to live and function in, and as a part of our society, then they should learn to speak our language. Period.

And on the issue of Separation of Church and State, -- don't even get me started on that one -- have you noticed that the "separation" is very selective? Why are a few allowed to dictate where, when, and how, we pray, when those who make the rules can spout their "politics" wherever they please, including the pulpits of our churches?

And now observe the "separation" between now and the elections of 2008. Already, the candidates are being grilled on their "faith".   HELLO!   If the two are suppose to be separate, what difference does it make what their religious beliefs are?

OH? Of course, it matters. And it is high time that the Courts (State) quit eroding our Rights. The simple and whole idea of "separation" was that the Church Body could not rule the Government Body, and the Government Body could not rule the Church Body -- Freedom of Religion, I believe it is called. In other words, each should mind their own business, not dictate what the other's business is, or how it is conducted. In a FREE Society, We the People should be allowed to make our own choices. The two Bodies should co-exist side-by-side, united, and not forever be dividing this Nation with a few people's interpretations.

God Bless America! GO USA!
Doris Newnam, 6/18/07

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