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To All Network Marketers,

You are working on the Web to try to better your incomes and lifestyles. A $250,000, and much more, goal is and has been obtainable by many. And in today's society, $250,000 a year income is not really ultra rich. $250,000 a year income DOES NOT compare with the super rich corporations, as one candidate repeatedly implies. Don't allow your dreams and or your current or future hard earned dollars be taxed away from you and used to "Spread the Weath". You EARN your dollars.

Like "Joe the Plumber", if that happens, we may as well all shut down our computers and become a "recipient". I already know what it is like to earn a few dollars and then have it all eaten away by taxes due to a few dollars putting me into a higher tax brackett. Do you?

And think about this. So what that rich people and big corporations pay less taxes. Have you thought about how they provide jobs throughout the economy with their tax-deductable dollars? While I do not approve of the "golden parachutes" unless those bonuses - which few are - are based on profits earned, even the lavish spending of the super wealthy helps to create jobs.

America is suppose to be about Free Enterprise. If you have got the guts and the gumption to put your work, your money, and your abilities on the line in order to create wealth for yourself, your family, and for America, then as Americans, at least most of us, applaud you.

Do Not Let YOUR American Dream and the American Spirit be crushed by those who will impose higher taxes on you, your business, and your income which you honestly earn through your own initiative and efforts. Consider carefully when you vote. Vote for America and Your Dreams and Your Future. Vote to Keep What YOU EARN.

Are you a "Joe the Plumber" -- Aspiring to a better life with your own small business, with concerns of your potential profits being eaten away by taxes and insurance, etc.? You are invited to share your story or comments. Go here for details:

Don't Tax Me for Working Hard>

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"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's
reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale." Zig Ziglar

Keep your whole paycheck for a change!
Help Change Our Tax System. Support FairTax.

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