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Letter to Democratic National Convention

Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Just Say "NO DEAL" to Obama

PS. Greta Van Susteren on Fox News ask Senator McCain if he would consider picking a Democrat for his VP? He did not exactly rule it out. He acknowledged that he knew the name that would be suggested. Read more here...

Remember THIS on Election Day! John McCain's remarks about the Pledge of Allegiance

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Campaign Turn of Events...
from this Corner...
My Heart Belongs to Hillary...
My Vote Will Go to the McCain-Palen Ticket.

Hillary Supporters - Citizens for McCain

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Well.... Hip, Hip, Hooray, and Hallelujah!

Today I had the unexpected pleasure and privilege to meet Rob Curnock, the Republican Opponent challenging the local Incumbent Democratic Congressman, Chet Edwards.

If you have read my previous comments further down this page, you might recall that I was some unhappy with Chet, as were many other voters. The reason being that Chet made public his endorsement of Obama weeks before our Texas Primary. By "rights" and in fairness to the Voters, Our Congressman should have waited until after the Primary, and then thrown his support to the Winner in deference to the Will of the People. It was my opinion that he had probably struck some sort of deal with the Obama people in exchange for his early endorsement. Of course, many of us saw that for what it was, an effort to influence our votes. We also felt betrayed by the Congressman who was suppose to represent us. And to properly respresent us, he should have waited until our own votes were cast, and then acted accordingly.

Well.... wouldn't you know... it turned out that Edwards was on Obama's "short list", with the "blessings" of Pelosi, as Obama's V.P. pick. Edwards was so sure that he was going to be chosen that the local news media was all set for the big interview. But as we all know, it was Joe Biden who got the coveted crown. And Chet Edwards promptly blamed that other Edwards - the one who was cheating on his wife while also running for the Presidency. Wow! Well... that's another story. But back to Chet, I promptly labled his as "Cry Baby Edwards". Now he knows how it feels to be betrayed. Obviously, there is no sympathy from this corner. So...

Dear Viewers, THAT is why I was so delighted to meet Rob Curnock, a local businessman who has said in effect, "Enough already" and is challenging Edwards for that Congressional Seat.

And by the way, unlike Obama, Rob Curnock is happy to honor our Flag and The Pledge of Allegience.

Rob Curnock for Congress Reciting The Pledge of Allegience
Rob reciting the Pledge of Allegience at Soldier Appreciation Day

So along with John, my husband, a Pearl Harbor Survivor...
guess who gets our votes?

Go get 'em, Rob.
ROB CURNOCK for Congress!

Immigration, Politics, and Religion

Our Tax System is Broken...
Let's Fix It with Fair Tax
My Personal Comments by Doris Newnam
Fair Tax

The Official Fair Tax Web Site

The Creature from Jekyll Island
(A Second Look at the Federal Reserve)
Edward Griffin
Warning: The Reality Zone
Note: The "freebie" web site to hear this is no longer available.
However, you can find information about this at:
I have re-linked it because I believe it to be vital information that all
Americans should hear, since these actions affect us all on a daily bases.

And more on this subject...
The video featured at this link is 1 hour and 51 minutes in length,
but one that all Americans should take out the time to view.
America: Freedom to Fascism

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It's time to put a

This is NOT about a political party, this is about electing someone who has, and will, take on issues for our Women, not only of America, but of the World.

This is about breaking away from the "good ole boy" way of doing business, and doing what is best for "We the People", for our families, for our senior citizens, for our middle class people who support this Country.

I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who will actually work to bring about the changes we need. And if you happen to fall into the category of not liking her, please visit her web site and take a look at her agenda for America. She has zeroed in on the core problems of Americans. She has the know-how, the experience, and the sheer guts to tackle these enormous problems, and... the oppositions to them. She needs our help to fix those problems. Of course, if you really like what you have, it is your American Right to vote for more of the same. For those of us who are sick and tired of the way Washington runs our lives, then come on and join me with your support. We women are traditionally the ones who clean up the messes, let's give this woman a try.

Face it. We women think differently from a man. We're use to doing what has to be done. And no, I'm not "man bashing", but it seems that all of the men who go to Washington just fall in line with "the club" and to heck with us. At least, a woman will shake things up from the status quo. I see it as our only real chance for "Survival of the Middle Class" - the very people who pay the bills for running this Country, yet who do not have a lot of choice in how our dollars are spent. It is time to hold Washington accountable.

You may not agree with me, and that is your right. I may even lose a friend or two by speaking up, but that is my right, and my real friends will respect that.

For an article that I wrote last year on this subject, please go to my friend's page - a fellow author - and see:
"Don't Underestimate Hillary" Don't Underestimate Hillary

And for my more in depth reasons, you should read my book: "Retirement: Twice the Husband, Half the Pay" Oh.. yeah... that's a cute and catchy name, but I assure you, the cold hard facts are far from funny. They should serve as a sobering call to action for your own future well-being.

For some other "sobering" thoughts, scroll back up and if you haven't already, click on some of the links I've included in this site.

Thank you for taking the time to be here. God Bless you always.

As you know by now, my dreams of HILLARY for PRESIDENT have been shot down. Unfortunately, they were not shot down by the Primary Voters, but by Caucuses, the Super-Delegates, and the Democratic Party system.

I am not a "Dyed in the wool" Democrat. My Country comes first. And my vote has always gone to the person I feel most qualified, or in many cases where there was not a good choice, it was a vote for one so as to vote against the one I didn't want. Through the years, I've seen many candidates with potentially good qualities that have been beaten by the "system" before We the People ever got a chance to vote.

I am now again faced with no one that I believe in to vote for. Since Hillary has only "suspended" her campaign, rather than out-right quitting, I am waiting to see how all of this plays out in Denver.

Of course, Hillary is pretty much bound by the Party to throw her support to Obama, but that does not mean that the rest of us have to. And I will tell you now, if you go to her site, you will see that support, however, her issues and updates are still there. Just be aware, that you can still go there without feeling obligated to join up with Obama. If you click on the Blogs, I think you will see that most of Hillary's supporters are still her supporters. Most would rather see McCain get in this time so she can run again in four years. I think it a bit early to draw any conclusions, as she is a smart lady and is working through this in what she believes the best way possible. If you support her, there is still time to let her know, and to let the Super-Delegates know. Obama may very well get the nomination, but let him work for it. So far, he has not shown me any reason to vote for him except to keep McCain out. He has not addressed any of the issues in the way that Hillary has. All of Hillary's "Solutions" are more precisely planned out with the what and how, from the war to health care, the economy, the middle-class, and on and on.

According to the Polls that Hillary has gone by, she has won the popular vote in America. She has won the "swing states", and she has won the states controlling most of the "Electoral Votes". Obama won because there was a push starting back following the very first election in Iowa, for the Supers to decide early who they would support, and for Hillary to quit. Think about it. Someone or someones decided way back then that Obama was the "chosen one". Chosen by whom? Why didn't they want to let the Voters all vote before they pushed the Super-Delegate issue? South Dekota votes were still coming in when the last rush of Supers jumped in for Obama. Yet, South Dekota voted for Hillary.

In Texas, I personally was appalled and disgusted that a local representative, Chet Edwards, endorsed Obama before we could even have our Primary. Well, Chet will not be getting another one of my votes. Period. Paragraph. And I plan to tell him to his face the next time I see him. I had hoped to be a Delgate to our State Convention. As it turned out, I am glad I wasn't. Why bother? Premature decisions had already made the whole thing a moot point. Our Texas popular vote went to Hillary. But only 3/4 of our vote counted. The Caucus determined the other 1/3. I worked a Precient, so I have first-hand experience on how it all played out. It was not pretty. The system does not reflect the will of the people and it should be changed.

I repeat my belief that Obama was caught up in a "wave of celebrity like status", and yes, a mob of new voters rushed to the polls, with many unable to even name one issue, except the word "Change" without a clue of what to change. Some tried to vote who were not registered. Some tried to participate in the Texas Caucuses who had not voted in the Primary. "Rumor" -- but with some reason of validity -- had it that people were being bussed in to participate in Caucuses in the Caucus states. It was for that reason that I, as a Temporary Precinct Chair, was instructed to, and did carry through, on checking the ID and voting status of every person who showed up at our Caucus. I turned two away. One couldn't prove she had voted, the other readily admitted he had not voted in the Primary. My particular Precinct was rather tame in comparison to others I heard about.

So let's talk about "Change". We can start by changing a system that does not accurately reflect the voice of the people. We can change these Primary dates to all be on one day like the General Election is. By the time the last states were able to vote, winners were already being declared. Regardless of the reasons behind why they are the way they are now, with today's instant technology, there is an underlying psychological effect on people who have not yet voted, to hear how other voters have already voted. That appears to be the reasoning behind Michigan's stance with their early voting. People are tired of Iowa and New Hampshire setting the tone for the voters. Our system needs to be overhauled. We are getting great doses of why in these current elections. So make your voices heard before your own vote is reduced or not counted.

So my friends, that is why I am still supporting....


Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Because I love, and am concerned for the welfare of my country, my fellow Americans, and
our International Friends, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton for President, and I hope you will too.
I trust her to end the war in Iraq, put our economy back to work for the middle class, and
make sure every man, woman, and child in America has health care.

But Hillary needs our help to get to the White House.
This is a hard-fought race, and every dollar you can spare will make a difference.

Can you spare a dollar? Maybe five? Or ...?
Any amount to help HER help YOU?
Join me in supporting her campaign by making a secure online contribution:

You May Donate Any Amount Up to Maximum. Just Click Here.

Or.. If you wish to donate by mail, just print out the Donate by Mail form.

I know Hillary has the strength and experience America needs, and she needs our help to win!
Please do not fluff this off, or we may all wake up next year to be sorry.

Thank you for your support.
To see Hillary's long list of issues that affect us, and her plans to address them,
just go to her web site: ISSUES

PS. I think it interesting when things got rather "sticky" for her opponent -- you know,
the flap caused by his Pastor Wright -- Obama went on vacation.
Coincident? Or will he just take vacations when he finds himself in other unpleasant circumstances?
Think about it.
Thankfully, Hillary has been through the fire and still comes out ready
to tackle problems for America and the World.

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